Mayville Board of Education Meeting Procedures

1. All agendas of the Board of Education include an item identified as “Public Comment Period” which takes place in the early part of the evening.

2. If you desire to address the Board, please sign the “Public Comment Period” sheet indicating your topic. Please refer to the "Public Comment Form" link below.

3. Each person wishing to address the Board of Education must identify himself or herself by name and address. If the person is representing an organization or group, the person should indicate whether the comments or presentation represents the official view of the organization or group.

4. The chairperson may limit the discussion pending on the number of persons wishing to address the Board on a given topic or on a given night. Generally, an individual’s time is limited to five minutes, but may be modified by the chairperson.

5. If a delegation is present to address the Board, the delegation may select up to five spoke-persons to speak on its behalf, for a total of not more than 15 minutes or 3 minutes per person.

6. All written statements should be given to the Secretary of the Board of Education, so that copies may be made available to members of the Board. All written statements and documents presented by an individual or group to the Board of Education during the meeting are considered public documents.

7. Individuals addressing the Board should take into consideration the rules of common courtesy. The public comment portion of the meeting cannot be used to make personal attacks against a school board member or school district employee, which are totally unrelated to the manner in which the member or employee performs his or her duties. If the comments constitute a complaint against an employee, the employee must be notified in advance and has the right to request a closed meeting.

8. Board of Education members may question speakers, but are not obligated to answer questions or make statements or commitments in response to issues raised by the public. In general, such issues will be referred to the Superintendent for investigation, study and recommendation or designated as future agenda items for Board of Education consideration.

9. The Board of Education reserves the right to establish additional rules or procedures that it deems appropriate to a particular item on the agenda, or for a particular Board meeting, but such rules or procedures will be announced at the opening of a board meeting or prior to the discussion of a specific agenda item.